About this website

Jul 26, 2018


This website was built using Hugo. After trying out a bunch of tools to maintain my own website, it looks like I’ve found a solution I want to keep for a long time. It seems to let me do everything I want with my website, including a small resumé page, tagged blog posts and an RSS feed. I don’t really need anything more than this.

Blog posts

Keep in mind that the views I’ve shared over time may no longer represent my current opinion about things. People change over time, and I am no exception.
There might be some cringe-inducing posts from back when I thought what I had to say actually mattered, but I choose to keep them published because in the longer term it will paint a better picture of how I’ve evolved over the years.

You will find no JavaScript on this website. There are also no cookies, no analytics and no funny business of any kind. If I ever decide to change my mind about this, I will update this section.