Feb 9, 2018

My name is Gonçalo Tomás and I’m a software developer at Kobil Systems.

My areas of interest include distributed systems, security, data replication, weak consistency models, fault tolerance and dependability.

Programming languages:

Erlang, Java, Scala, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, Python

Current work

Kobil Systems GmbH Google Summer of Code Logo

1st March 2019 - today

This is my first Erlang gig and I’m very excited! I am working remotely for Kobil, doing some development and architecture work. I’ll update this section with more details eventually.

Previous Experience

Google Summer of Code Google Summer of Code Logo

23rd April 2018 - 22nd August 2018 (4 Months) [certificate] [blog post]

Working for the community version of Riak, I am reworking a key component in running all sorts of tests for the Riak database. Basho1 reinvented the wheel by building a custom test runner facility along with other tools to measure code coverage that were already were available as standard tools in Erlang. My task is to take the Riak test suites that are tightly coupled with the custom test runner and make them work with the standard Erlang tools for running intricate tests (Common Test).

Mentors: Bryan Hunt, Gordon Guthrie, Russell Brown

10th September 2017 - 4th January 2018 (4 Months)

Worked as a software developer for a startup in the advertisement business, working on its website using React as well as some basic database components. Participated in the architecture of some backend services.

Google Summer of Code Google Summer of Code Logo

4th May 2017 - 29th August 2017 (4 Months) [certificate]

Implemented a Protocol Buffer communication layer for the Lasp project and worked on maintaining a benchmarking tool to make it compatible with modern Erlang versions.

Mentor: Vitor Enes Duarte


  • From Custom Tests to Common Test: Code BEAM Lite Munich 2018 [video]

Other Work

O Cantinho da Moda O Cantinho da Moda Logo

April 2018 - now

Performed multiple integrations with payment gateways for a niche online clothes shop. Also helping out as a system administrator for periodic software updates and more technical website configurations.

Magento Community Edition Magento Logo

July 2015 - December 2017 (part-time)

Translated more than 35.000 strings from the Magento 2 software into Portuguese, eventually becoming the top 1 contributor, surpassing auto translations from the Magento team.


NOVA University, School of Sciences and Technology NOVA University Logo

Computer Science, Integrated Masters Degree (2012-today)

Electives: Database Systems, Distributed Systems and Algorithms, Dependability/Reliability of Distributed Systems, Network Security, Software Security, Construction and Verification of Software.

FMKe benchmark [MSc. Thesis]

23rd January 2017 - 19th December 2018 (24 Months) [pdf]

This is my master’s thesis: a new proposed standard for a database benchmark specifically targeting NoSQL data stores. Despite some existing synthetic benchmarks for these types of storage systems being extremely popular (YCSB), our benchmark is based on an real application, FMK, which is responsible for managing nation wide medical prescriptions for patients in Denmark.

Advisors: João Leitão, Nuno Preguiça
Publications: PaPoC’17
Grade: 18 (out of 20)

  1. Riak’s parent company that has since died from a hostile takeover from investors. [return]