Hello World! (Again)

Jul 25, 2018

You got to this website somehow, so I am going to assume you already know who I am… No need for redundancy!

Over the years I’ve had a myriad of solutions on where to put my thoughts. Starting out with a hosted website, I installed WordPress and soon began spitting out content about my current school projects, ideas and other irrelevant ramblings. My WordPress blog (security holes aside) aged poorly so I eventually moved to my first VPS at DigitalOcean with a 60$ student credit from GitHub, and tried out hosting my own stuff there. Fast forward a little bit and I started writing in Medium. It didn’t last very long. The problem with writing in Medium is that I censored myself from writing with fears that my content isn’t up to par when compared with content that other people write there, so I’ve kept my eye open for new things to try out.

Having spent a fair bit of time learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and all of the trendy Web frameworks from the good people at CodeSchool1, my hate for how hard it is to make a website that looks good grew stronger over time. It took me a while before I tried a static website generator. First I tried Jekyll and wondered why people liked it, and lately I had to use Hugo for a project2 at work and it seemed easy enough. Here we are, more than a year later from my last Medium post and my list of drafts increased significantly.

This Hugo thing is cool: it does footnotes3, inline code and even:

rm -rf / --no-preserve-root
System.out.println("The lamb lies down on Broadway");

Can you believe how gorgeous that looks? Me neither.

This way I’m still hosting my own websites (which is why this one sometimes might not be up!), and I get to keep my content in my own space. Now I can write stupid shit and maybe some people will get a few laughs out of it in a couple of years. Neat.

  1. I don’t really know why those guys sold themselves to PluralSight, but man am I sad they are gone. I loved CodeSchool. [return]
  2. https://novasys.di.fct.unl.pt [return]
  3. Which I adore since I tend to use parenthesis a lot when I don’t have them. [return]